Automated Data Mapping! The Ultimate ETL Tool!

For information about data conversion services, a quote for converting your data from one format to another or information about integrating MetaDapper in your .NET or web service enabled application for importing or exporting data or any other data convesion operation, contact

MetaDapper reads and writes to various file formats (like fixed length, comma separated and XML), databases and .NET in-memory objects. It reads data in, maps and optionally modifies data in a number of ways and finally writes the data back out. It has a small memory foot print and is very performant. Why take several days, weeks or months to code and maintain custom code to convert your data when MetaDapper can be configured and run in minutes?

Coming soon to this site:
  • Securly upload your data and immediately download the converted file
  • Select from pre-configured file format/conversions or customize your own mappings
  • Download trial, free and advanced versions of MetaDapper for integrating into your application
  • Secure login for maintaining your configurations

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    Are you a manager, a project manager, or someone else with a budget?
    The short story: MetaDapper is going to save you or your company a LOT of time and a LOT of money!

    Don't believe us. If you've spent a lot of time and money on a data conversion project, let the MetaDapper team re-do the same project in a micro-fraction of the time!

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